Brandon Colker Reviews Inspired Silver

Today, I bring to you a review of Inspired Silver because the quality of their good work deserves a bit of recognition. Now, I will say I’m not a big fan of jewelry simply because it’s not my interest, but what is my interest is quality craftsmanship, customer service, and just the overall quality of the product. Right from there, Inspired Silver meets all of my three requirements if I were to ever wear jewelry or pick it up as a gift.

To begin with, I did a little research from what other customers were saying at Reviews because it make sense to go to the source when looking for answers to questions. I wanted to know all about the materials used, the quality of the products made and the satisfaction of the customers.

The customers are hooked on the jewelry the moment it is in their line of sight and when it is in their hands, they must have it. I was impressed with the loyalty of the customers, but I had to know the opinion from someone I knew personally. Someone who I knew is absolutely picky about jewelry and doesn’t wear too much of it simply because of having a hard time finding what fits her needs. My mother.

I ordered a simple bracelet from Inspired Silver with the intent of giving it to my mother for her, but also to set it in stone through the hardest critic I know. She opened the box, took one look at it and loved it instantly. She put it on and commented how easy it was to take on and off than others she’s had in the past. Once fastened, she commented again of how the weight of it is perfect. It’s not too clunky to get in the way, and it’s not too heavy and it doesn’t come overly decorated. It’s an accessory that compliments you rather than steal the spotlight off of you.

That settles it for me. Inspired Silver has won my vote!

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