Luigi Wewege Saved Christmas For Me

As we know, the biggest holiday of the year is right around the corner with only a few days left! Christmas! The day that drives children crazy with joy and makes guys like me fat. What can I say? I love some Christmas turkey and Christmas pies. This is also a day I like to show friends and family how much they mean to me by thanksgiving and gift giving, but I have this problem. I’m not the best for picking out gifts.

I have searched the Internet for goodness knows how long, looking frantically for the past 21 days since December was a brand new month, all for presents. I didn’t want to get a gift card, because although it’s a really handy gift, it shows you didn’t put any thought into the person. You just said, “Oh well, gift card,” and that was the end of it.

I called up Luigi Wewege, an old college friend of mine, and we discussed presents. It turns out he was in the same boat I was in, which I thought was great because that means it’s not just me and maybe we can help each other. Silly me, that’s like the blind leading the blind. A person with no idea can’t give me an idea. Suddenly, he gave be an idea. I had it! I had the answer! Pinterest!

Pinterest serves as a pinboard project full of pictures. You can create a board, name it whatever you want, and pin pictures to that board that relates to the theme you give it. Getting my wife a gift was simple, thanks to pinterest. I logged into my account and checked out the boards of things she wanted or things she had pinned to her “wishlist board”. Eureka!

If I were to review the Pinterest service, I’d have to give it a good solid 5 stars. The service (which I guess would be considered a form of social media) has a search bar, accepts tags, accepts links to websites, allows customization and even has an instant message feature allowing you to text and send pictures.

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