Reviewing Marlon Kobacker’s Philosophy Regarding Passive Design Principles for Enhanced Sustainability

Marlon-KobackerMarlon Kobacker has long been one of the most important and innovative professionals within the sustainability advisory industry, and many of his philosophies and principles have proved to be instrumental in ensuring the industry continues to move forward in a manner that benefits a project in every possible way. One of his most important contributions has been in reducing the cost of implementing sustainable design while also utilizing strategies that yield a much greater return on the initial investment in both the present and the future.

According to Kobacker, one of the most beneficial principles has been that of passive design. Through these principles, Kobacker and other sustainability consultants have been able to optimize the projects in which they are involved in such a significant way that the savings generated can be quite substantial. In order to accomplish this, of course, a sustainability consultant has to have the benefit of early involvement that includes the selection of the site, as this is a critical component of passive design.

This is what Kobacker calls “whole-of-project” involvement, and this level of involvement makes it possible to really streamline all of the sustainability features while also determining the best possible way to minimize project costs and maximize future savings. While there are some project leaders who might prefer to do the absolute minimum required of them when it comes to green initiatives, it is important for the sustainability advisor to emphasize the likely impact of current trends on future costs. This will help make it clear that the minimum threshold is very likely to rise in the not-too-distant future, and failing to exceed that threshold will have a very real impact on future expenses.

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