Kareem Elsirafy Breaks Down New Wearable Tech Products in Latest Review

An expert in all things technology-related and an entrepreneur who has enjoyed success in a wide range of endeavors, Kareem Elsirafy took a few moments away from his busy schedule to offer his insight into the new wearable tech products now beginning to seemingly flood the market. A professional with previous military experience who remains very active in an array of athletic pursuits, Kareem Elsirafy indicated how impressive the rate of advancement has been in this particular product realm.

Elsirafy began by noting how it was not that long ago that the most advanced wearable technology available to athletes offered a spotty GPS signal and provided relatively inaccurate training feedback. With the new releases, Elsirafy indicated that athletes are likely to enjoy significant benefits from highly accurate feedback along with an incredibly diverse array of features. For runners, there is now wearable technology that not only provides feedback regarding time and distance, but also gives detailed information regarding pace, splits and calories burned per session.

Of all the features noted by Elsirafy, none could have been more convenient than the fact that many of the new wearable tech products are able to communicate with other devices from a remote location. Rather than having to write out notes following each training session, the user is able to rely on their wearable tech to pass on all of the relevant training information to a chosen device so it can be permanently stored for later use. Many of the associated programs are also able to compile this information in a way that allows the user to make adjustments and to understand the progress they have made as a result of their training.

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