Web Design Proposal Template Review: Proposable.com and Its Web-Based Platform

proposable web design templateTechnological innovations have radically altered the way we do business, and, in the case of sales proposals, thankfully so. With the advent of cloud-based systems and other technological advancements, it is no longer necessary to endure the often interminable process involved in negotiating and closing a deal with a prospective client. While the sales proposal process has indeed been eased by a significant degree since the time in which email attachments of scanned documents were the norm, proposal templates are not all necessarily equal in terms of advanced functionalities. In this review, we’ll be taking a deeper look at Proposable, its web-based platform, and its web design proposal template.

Increased Efficiency From Beginning to End

In using the Proposable platform, it became immediately clear that the company had designed its services with the goal of offering clients a comprehensive solution to the entire sales proposal process. Through the use of a variety of sales templates including web design proposal templates, Proposable makes it possible to draft, deliver and track a proposal with impressive ease. Among the many functionalities offered by the company, the following are certainly worth noting:

• “Drag and Drop” builder
• Content library
• Flexible estimates
• Proposal analytics
• Electronic signatures
• Sales pipeline reporting

The company offers a number of other worthwhile functionalities accompanying its web-based proposal platform, including the ability to communicate with prospective clients within the proposal along with valuable data analytics that can be used to make changes that yield better results in the future.

Actionable Data Analytics

What was once an endlessly frustrating aspect of the sales proposal process is now one of the most valuable, as tracking information and data analytics provide sales personnel with valuable information regarding the efficacy of each component of the proposal. Through Proposable’s platform, it is easy to determine which parts of a proposal may require some kind of alteration while also clearly establishing the parts of the proposal that are already succeeding in achieving a desired outcome.

Added Incentives for Sales Staff

One of the more interesting features of the proposal platform was the “Team Stats” feature, which provided real-time data that could be easily accessed by any member of the sales staff. Since this information was updated immediately and could be so easily viewed, it served as an additional incentive for the sales staff and provided even more motivation to personnel due to the simple fact that sales professionals tend to be naturally competitive and are exceptionally driven to succeed.

Overview of Proposable’s Web Design Proposal Template

Proposable offers a number of unique templates benefiting from its web-based platform, including a web design proposal template that is easily customized according to the latest best practices for marketing and SEOand also enables sales staff to adopt a highly detailed approach when drafting a web design proposal for a specific client. In conjunction with the other functionalities incorporated into the overall platform, those using the web design proposal template made available through Proposable are likely to be more than satisfied regarding the efficacy of the template and the platform when it comes to securing agreements with prospective web design clients.

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